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Evolution of Equipment
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ACTUALIZA JORNADAS Refresh the latest data, Conferences and forecasts. Statistical results

A program that seeks to differentiate between the qualities quinielísticos teams to exploit their differences and
Model Predictor get it as close as possible to the real, provides a clear picture of the progression
Each team in time results Quadrant, Equivalent Football, All the signs at home, outside, Total,
All Workshops, Equipment History in the time of the season, Table 1, X, 2, Evolution of the Teams
in the current season (its position in the standings as they pass the days), classifications, Collection
automatically from the Predictor Model for the Present Day.
Work with teams 1st and 2nd division, the season and the day you choose.
See how to work a season opening date.
If you are current journeys, giving the forecast for the day to day so that locate the
corresponds to the pool, click on the same list and get all the details of each team from each
meeting with the differences between them, valuing each sign of 0 to 7, for the -1 -, the-X-and -2 -.
The meetings can be selected individually or the entire day.
In pronostrico should be performed prior classification, not only in this aspect, but in any other and is
determine the teams that behave in a more or less regular and those that are irregular
most of the time, the prognosis for the latter does not work, so it is good to get a rule that determines which
teams are regular or irregular.
<<Pronóstico>> Can save the current forecast and scroll through and save, view the same time to rebuild and if the current is kept, under No question, just click on <<Ver ±14 %>>.
From the results, extract a number of differences, the values of these, of individually, once known the sign is marked on a graph the value based on the sign, it allows you to group differences in function of the sign. This is done for each gap and then the 7 differences together give a final result, thus forming a pool model automatically. These results can provide estimates by admitting an error of up to 25% or 14%, the two results obtained and compared, allowing them to where the sign will tilt. It can perform calculations with smaller errors, but then the sign-1X2-(T) increases considerably, thus undermining the objectivity of the pool model obtained is therefore a balance between the error rate charged and the appearance of triples (1X2-T). To perform these calculations, they must process the forecast to take between 17 and

Process: In the forecast window, select or mark the last and applies <<Ver 14%>>, then the next, so to obtain a minimum of 15 in these processes simultaneously have been marking the values of the differences depending on the sign of each game on a table, this table displays the final push <<Estadistica 1X2>>, a window with the table of values, that pressing the command that appears <<Be. General>>, sum all values in terms of 1, X or twos, where watching the ones, twos X's and given, you can draw conclusions about the sign quinielistico according to the values of the differences in this situation if the values are grouped for signs of 2, X2, 1X2 (T), 1X and 1, will relate the value of each difference with the corresponding sign, which allows for the pool model automatically from the results each encounter. The value of the differences can be influenced, if open <<Other Factores>> and values are given to external influences, how can it be weather, special referees, emotional level of the fans, etc ..., with values of this factor, it generates a value that is added to the above, affecting the outcome.
Provides a window with the following information:

This version works on Windows 9X, ME, XP, WIN-7
Work with an ideal resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels at 32 bits.
You can work freely with the program without registering.

Jornadas.- Presents the 10 days in 10 of the desired division, with the result and the sign quinielístico, with the
printing option.

Click on the window to enlarge!!


Quadrant Results .-
Gives the results of all teams, with the choice of locations and Equivalent Week (Week of Ida), plus overall classification. Printing equivalent Days gets a printed list with the meetings in order, the results in home and away, the computation of overall goals and the journey outward. Gives an idea of the state of the equipment in question, compared with others.

Latest Scores 1X2 Signs,-
Also giving the signs (1x2) obtained at home, away and Total and the computation of all of them, with option-print.


Team History .-
Results of each meeting of each Task chronologically by date.

Evolution of Equipment .-
Allows for the classification of the teams of the last days in 6 lists, which allows to observe the changes
Each team in the standings, key tool alongside the pool can differentiate the qualities of the teams.
Give the classification of 4, 10, 16, 22 and 28 last days.
By checking the home team in the rankings list General of the Left, is selected msmo
in all lists, providing an overview of the progression of it, on the other hand are then
mark the visiting team and re-mark on it, it changes the Home Team Visitor
alternatively, obtaining a clear view of the difference of the two teams in the classification
and the evolution of the last 28 days.
Ex: House Team: Villarreal

Equipo Visitante Ej.: Zaragoza

These two images are alternated, merging the graphs of each team, giving a comparative view of both.      

Signs Evolution.- A window presents the current Division teams sorted by alphabetical order, giving the games won at home (g),
tied (e), lost (-), the Wins Out (G), ties (E) and lost (·) and the total sign at home and abroad, providing a quick overview of the
current state of the team.


Classification of Equipment .-
Gets the classification considering all days, the 10, the 19 or the last 30, with the data of Goals, Meetings,
Matched points, Points, Negative and Positive.
Points is a new score matched so that the score is a function of the opponent team, according to the position they hold in the standings.
Lets sort by goals scored, goals against, total goals for, by The difference between GF and GC, for points at home, by Points Out
by Total Points

There are other options that facilitate the handling of the divisions and conferences and meetings to sort results.
The program can handle freely all the options, the only choices are limited are to save season
the different classifications. Which the user can perform in different ways.
Also you can print all the tables and get the pool automatically, providing endless details of each event.

The command <<Quiniela>>, lets you choose the meetings that are part of the pool next, both first division and second, by comparing data from both teams to assess the -1 -,-X-or -2 -.
You can spend the whole day or meeting to meeting.
Taking the results of the 1st round, the goals or the meetings, the latest results in quinielísticos or sign in goals, the different scores, sorting different partial or total, the overall situation, etc ...
After comparing the various outcomes, assesses the likely outcomes of -1 -,-X-or -2 -. The symbol should be valued
0 to 6 +. The -0 - minimum value, indicates that it is difficult to leave the assigned value and the 6 / 7 maximum, indicates that it is easy to leave the value. Examples:
6 0 0 indicates that the most likely to be a -1 -.
0 0 6 indicates that the most likely to be a -2 -.
6 6 6 indicates that the most likely to be un-1X2.
6 5 1 indicates that the most likely to be un-1X.
1 5 6 indicates that the most likely to be un-X2 -
At the top there is the most likely sign for each meeting, but must be calibrated to quantify the differences. In the accompanying help indicate how to choose the matches and the divisions. This should be done when the previous days are updated.

Los Shaded fields can display or hide other lists.
It also allows you to save the pool and the prognosis of each day and display them automatically and easily.
Also prints the forecast on a landscape sheet, obtaining all the data at the hearing, when pressed
<<Ver ±25 %>>, then <<Ver ±14 %>> and then there is a <<Imprimir apaisado>>, we obtain the forecast
of the day and the pool model with errors of up to 25% and 14%, which improves the eventual outcome.

    Differences and allocation of quinielisticos signs.
This section of the ballot are observed values obtained for each variable:
Matched points, Cons, Difference between goals at home and away goals as a guest Goal Difference Total, Other factors that may influence (0 if not introduced), biased and Total Points.
With these values (measured between -50 and +50), noting signs of past performance of 2, X and A have been assigned to each value of the signs: 2, X2, 1X, 1
According to a distribution obtained from a comparison of the last signs appeared.
On 2 and 1 are often decisive.

These columns are obtained by pressing different fields <<Diferencias>> and gray background variables.






This table allows the introduction of external events that could somehow affect the development of the game, these factors can be weather, state of the pitch, referee, coach, player violence, audience, relevance of the party, derby, etc. ..
The values to enter must be in the range of - 50 to +50. Example: -25, -5, 1, 20, 40, etc. .. Values one by one.
The program then adds them to the values obtained algebraically in terms of results.
This feature has been refined in order to be more manageable and that they can check the values obtained even with previous findings, by managing movement through the above existing forecasts.



Statistical results.-

With the option menu Statistics forecast, current prognosis can accumulate in a text file
<<eprono07.jtt>> cumulative for each season, allowing the forecasts have tdos, allowing tracking of all predictions made.


Presents a general help and interactive help that guides you through each option.


    I PREDICT 1X2            
You program that you seek to differentiate the qualities among the teams quinielísticos to take
advantage of your differences and to obtain a Model Quiniela that approach the most possible
thing to the real one, provides a clear idea of the progression of each team in the time,
Quadrants of results, Equivalent Quiniela, All the signs at home, you were, Total,
All the Days, Record of Teams in the time of the Season, Chart of 1, X, 2, Evolution of the Teams
in the current (your position in the classification as they pass the days) Season, Classifications, Obtaining
in automatic way of Model Quiniela for the Current Day.
You work with the teams of 1ª and 2ª Division, the season and the day that it are chosen.
You see like you work opening an up-to-date season.
If they are up-to-date the days, you allow to obtain the presage of the day, for you look for it the day that
you correspond to the quiniela, you pulse on the list of the same one and all the data of each team
of each will be obtained encounter, with the differences between both, valuing each sign from 0 to 7,
for the -1 -, the - X - and the -2 -.
The encounters can be selected ONE to ONE or the WHOLE DAY.
In the pronostrico he/she should be carried out a previous classification, not only in this aspect,
but in any other one and you are to determine the teams that behave more or less in a way to
REGULATE and those that are IRREGULAR most of the times, for these last ones the presage
doesn't serve, hence it is good to obtain a rule that determine that teams are regular or irregular.
<<Presage>> you allow to KEEP the current presage and to already move for those kept,
visualizing them to the same one time, generate the current one again and if this kept,
with the corresponding, coarse nº to pulse in <<to See ± 14%>>.
Of the obtained results, they are extracted a series of differences, the values of these, of
you form singular, once well-known the sign, is marked in a graph the value in function of the sign,
this allows to contain the differences in function of the sign. This is carried out for each difference and
later the 7 differ on the whole they give a final result, conforming this way a model quiniela in an
automatic way. These results can be given carrying out the calculations admitting an error of until
25% or of 14%, obtained the two results and compared, you allow to guide toward where you will lean
the sign. They can be carried out calculations with smaller errors, but then the sign -1X2 - (T) you increase
considerably, what harm the objectivity of the model obtained quiniela, hence is that a balance exists between the percentage of applied error and the appearance of triples (1X2-T). To carry out these calculations,
you should be processed the presage that are had, between 17 and 12
Process: In the presage window, you are selected or you mark the last one and you are applied <<to See 14%>>,
then the following one, this way until obtaining a minimum of 15, in these processes, simultaneously they have left marking the values of the differences in function of the sign of each party in a chart, this chart is visualized at the end pulsing <<Statistic 1X2>>, appearing a window with the chart of values that when the command that he/she
appear pulsing <<you are. General>>, you add all the values in function of 1, X or doses, where observing those some, equis and doses that are given, consequences can be extracted to near the sign quinielistico in function of the
values of the differences, in this situation, if they group the values for signs of 2, X2, 1X2 (T), 1X and 1,
you will allow to relate the value of each difference with the corresponding sign, what allow to obtain the
model quiniela in an automatic way, starting from the results of each encounter. In the value of the differences,
you can influence, if you open up <<Other Factors>> and values are given to external influences, how it can be climatological conditions, special referees, emotional grade of the liking, etc..., with the values of this factor,
a value is generated that sink to the previous ones, affecting to the final result.

You provide a window with the following information:




 qp1}{   qp2}